PathWest Laboratory Medicine


End User: PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Western Australia
SATO Products: SATO Custom Manufactured labels, SATO Print Bureau
PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA provides pathology testing, teaching and research to service the residents of Western Australia. PathWest is currently Western Australia's leading referral pathology laboratory and provides support via its comprehensive network of over 25 testing laboratories and more than 50 collection centres covering the entire state. Active teaching, clinical research and pathology development programs assist in enhancing diagnostic accuracy and improving the understanding of disease processes and of clinical care.
PathWest processes in excess of 110,000 sets of pathology samples per month across its extensive operation, with each set including up to 15 separate specimens, all of which need to be tracked. With more than 1.3 million samples processes each year under normal operations, tracking samples against patients is critical to ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment. PathWest have predictive modeling to anticipate the quantity of patients at each collection centre and kinds of samples that will be taken so that they can best ensure appropriate staffing levels and expertise required. Scanning systems are used at each stage of the process to track specimens meaning that PathWest require good quality labels with appropriate label media to ensure complete traceability & control.
Based upon the performance requirements detailed by PathWest SATO produce several types of custom formatted labels. These labels are then overprinted with variable data reflecting multiple data fields, with data and quantities reflective of the estimated quantity requirements for each collection location.
Labels have been manufactured to the exact specifications of PathWest where labels must meet required durability and withstand specific conditional factors to ensure performance and traceability of specimens within the complex testing environment. SATO has provided over 1.3 million overprinted labels, including additional urgent labels that have been required due to recent increased demand for pathology services. In addition to labels for overprinting in SATO Print Bureau, additional labels used within the PathWest laboratories have also bee provided. SATO aims to work closely with all of its customers to ensure best possible match of products to suit all of their requirements.
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